Does Clinicallix Work?

The Clinicallix diet pill makes astounding unbelievable claims that its weight loss pill can help people lose 30lbs in as little as 30 days.  Our research is yet to identify any diet pill that can deliver anything remotely like what the Clinicallix marketers claim. 

While, Clinicallix may contain some ingredients that appear to effective options for weight loss, their ludicrous  weight loss claims do nothing to provide any shred of confidence in their weight loss aide.  And as a matter of fact should only act to make experts and consumers question the quality and quantity of the Clinicallix ingredients. Their outrageous claims of losing 30 pounds in 30 days obvisouly does away with any credability Clinicallix could muster.

Clinicallix Ingrediets

Clinicallix contains glucomannan which is classified as a bulk producing soluble fiber. Because longjac root can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water, it has been used as a dietary supplement to promote weight loss by  increasing feelings of fullness. 

Clinicallix diet pill review summary

As the old saying goies if it’s too good to be true than it…. is!  As you’ve probaly already seen, diet pills marketes make many unsubstantiated claims that their diet pills can deliver results that are clearly too good to be true and Clinicallix is no different.  Moreover, it clearly would be dangerous to lose so much weight in so little time not to mention of these outrageous claims that are in clear violation of the FTC false advertising weight loss flags that state weight loss of more than 2 lbs per week cannot be claimed without clear substantiation of the weight loss product.   Clinicallix unlike its name sake offers no clinical scientific substantiation its diet pill can deliver the weight loss results it advertises.

Decaslim Diet Pills Review

Decaslim Review – Scam Warning?
Decaslim is yet another diet pill based on the “10 super foods”  with claims its aids with not only acne cures, and weight loss but also with toning lean muscle.  Clearly, Decaslim, like its “Super foods” cousins are all marketed by the same marketers with numberous BBB complaints for diet pills including, Orovo, Liptovox, and Lipovox and others.  As the clever marketer claims,  Decaslim pills were manufactured after a Great person’s great story of super fast weight loss.  We’re just wondering if that was after its Orovo diet pill?  Or the Liptovox diet pill?  Or is it the Lipovox diet pill?  All with these “10 super foods” and all with almost identical marketing scheme, multiple claims that are beyond outrageous.

The Decaslim story just like the Orovo, Liptovox, and Lipovox goes like this, a person incredibly takes the ’10 super foods’, he not only loses lots of weight but his acne vanishes. Then that person finds the foods very costly and so he asks Nutraceautical companies to supply the extracts of the super foods and then he goes on to experiment on family and friends. Low and behold everyone, with the exception of one of his friends, loses lots of weight plus their acne clears up.  Can you believe this? And especialy since this same storey applies to not only DecaSlim but Orovo, Liptovox, and Lipovox.  All fout have the similar circumastances behind thier formular.  And or course, the research we’ve conducted shows connections between these products while other websites claim this is all but one marketer.

Lose Belly Fat and Acne in 7 Days or You Don’t Pay a Penny – another outrageous DecaSlim claim, but does Decaslim even work?  Let’s make one thing clear, DecaSlim offers not substantiation to hold muster to an FTC investigation that its diet pill works! 

Decaslim Ingredients

DecaSlim use the ’10 super-foods’ in a proprietary blend and so the proportions of each can never be known unless DecaSlim discloses it. However, there are 12 ingredients listed on their site vs. the 10 claimed. The main ingredients include Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) from Safflower Oil – a fat blocker (but you need a whopping  3000mg for any real weight loss, which DecaSlim does not have), Fibre, which forms a soft gel in the stomach; creating a feeling of fullness, Green Teawhich the FTC rules cannot be used to make any health claims, Broccoli, Nuts, Blueberries, and Red Wine Extract, Spinach, FlaxSeed, Tomato, Garlic, Grapes.

Decaslim Diet Pill Review Summary

Decaslim comes with too many ingredients to have a large potent dose of the active ingredients that can cause real weight loss.  Moreover, while the proportions of each ingredient are not known, but we know the Decaslim daily dosage is not large enough to aid in real weight.  There are no clinical studies on Decaslim, thus there is so shred of evidence that it works.  Decaslim is yet another Super-Foods story and while the amount of each ingredient is not disclosed, the daily dose spells out low amounts of each ingredient as to not matter when it comes to real weight loss.

Decaslim User Feedback and reviews

According to some online reviews  many of the Decaslim user feedback online are cooked up by sellers of the diet supplement. (You can easily find that they are fake).  If you go to e-bay, you will find a person praising Dacaslim like anything, saying it made her/him lose Huge Weight (So do the other pills recommended by the person). If you see all the comments and guides written by that person, one could only be surprised to see him/her recommending more than 5 diet pills each as the same and THE BEST DIET PILL ON EARTH all aiding him/her in losing the same 15-20lbs in a month. This person is clearly selling these pills and making tidy profit by misguiding consumer in its e-bay guides.

We’ve seen a few user reviews saying Decaslim made them to gain weight instead of losing!