Relacore Reviews
Relacore is yet another slick and well  marketed diet product similar to Cortislim, that claims weight gain is the result of stress.   Thus, being overweight is not your fault, rather it’s the stress that’s responsible.   The company’s message is ” Excess tummy flab is not your fault: that’s the startling conclusion reached by scientists who discovered stress is the likely cause of stubborn belly fat” . Relacore’s message that you are not responsible. That it’s not your fault you are overweight is a troublesome message.   One that works to provide us with excuses and scapegoats for our weight loss troubles vs. helping us take responsibility for our food consumption and lack of exercise.   When something sounds too good to be true we take notice and urge consumers to do the same.
Clearly, most of us do not gain weight simply because we’re stressed but inactivity and consumption of more calories then we burn leads to weight gains.   Of course, Relacore’s slick and sophisticated sounding terms help position it as a unique diet solution to today’s hectic stressful lifestyle.  

Relacore contains vitamin C, a host of vitamin Bs, herbs and magnolia bark.   Effective claims include that it’s natural feel-good pill will reduce cortisol levels and, consequently, lessen belly fat.     However, dieters should be aware that there’s no evidence that Relacore can actually reduce cortisol levels and promote weight loss. Clearly that’s why the FDA sent a warning letter to marketers of Relacore.  
With governement sponored warnings about Cortisol’s based diet product’s effectiveness claims,  we urge consumers to take caution.   Finally, the last important question in our research was how effective was Relacore.   How well does it work? Is Relacore the right product for most consumers? Read below actual dieters reviews on Relacore.
Relacore Consumer Reviews:

—  I’ve been on Relacore for a month and have little to show for it.   I’ve seen virtually no weight change.   I’m going to switch to something else.   Melanie, USA 
—  The whole stress thing causes excess weight seems like baloney.   Relacore didn’t do a thing for me.    M  
—  Relacore worked a little for me, I lost 7lbs in about 4 months. Shap, USA
 —  Try something else that’s more likely to work.   Relacore didn’t really do much for both my boyfriend and me.   Both of us went on it and both failed to lose weight.    Hope, USA

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