Leptopril Reviews 
Leptopril, made by Generix Labs, shares much of its name with Leptoprin fat burner, produced by A.G. Waterhouse (also known as Klein Becker, and various other names.)   Clearly it’s no coincidence that Leptopril is identical in spelling, with exception of its last charter, with Leptorprin. A consumer could be easily confused into believing the diet supplement they reviewed was Leptoprin while it is Leptopril.  

Our Better-Whois research revealed that the registrant of the leptopril.com domain is Western Holdings LLC, which is one of the names Klein Becker operates under.  Clealy, Klein Becker is marketing the same product under different brands.  Moreover the leptopril website revealed that it is the ” exact same formula as Leptorpin-SD” .    
Our editors and experts’ research revealed that the FTC reported in its press release that ” Ads for Various Diet Supplements and Topical Gels Don?t Cut the Fat, Says the FTC. Companies Do Not Have Adequate Substantiation to Support the Claims” .   And the U.S. Federal Trade Commission stated (actual excerpt):

” …the FTC alleges that the respondents violated the FTC Act by making unsubstantiated fat and weight loss claims, false claims that clinical testing proves certain efficacy claims, and false claims that Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D, is a medical doctor.”

Here, there  are clear issues with consumer brand confusion and powerful FTC concerns.   Thus,  we urge consumers to take caution and review other diet aides with less troublesome track records.