Acai Burn Diet Pill Reviewed
Marketed as “Hollywood’s hottest diet”, Acai Burn is yet another entrant to the acai berry diet fad and a recent acai berry diet aide products to hit the market.

Among the typical alleged benefits of taking Acai Burn are to shed unwanted weight, feel healthier and boost energy levels.  While many of these health benefits are alleged through clinically proven ingredients we were unable to find any indenpendent human clinical trials showing anything of the sort.

Acai Burn coes with an almost free one month bottle, and seemed perhaps too good to be true?  So we investigated what Acai burn is really about and whether we would recommend it for safe weight loss.

Acai Burn Ingredients
The key ingredients in Acai Burn are Garcinia cambogia extract, Chromium polyniconate, Gymnema sylvestre extract and acai berries.

The benefits of acai berries are primaily as antioxidants and the other ingredients in mega doses may help slow the production of fat and help the body metabolize it.
Does Acai Burn work?

Generally Fat Burners tend to be regarded my many as the least effective type of weight loss pill. 

Acai diet pills are not one-shot diet pills. Use of the Acai Berry diet pills should always be accompanied by a sensible diet and healthy exercise. While AcaiBurn contains the antioxidant Acai Berry the Acai fruit is not proven to provide for substantive weight loss. 
Should you buy Acai Burn?
As a new Acai Burn customer, you can receive one “risk-free bottle” which in reality becomes a commitment to be billed for future shipments. 
Be sure to read the fine print though and you soon discover that you will be autobilled for subsequent months until you cancel!

There do offer a full refund on unopened bottles for a limited time.  But, with the effectiveness of acai berries in question, aren’t there are other weight loss pills that can provide a better solution for your weight loss.  Moreover, Acai berry diet products have become scam ridden with consumer complaints for many Acai berry free trial diet plans.

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